Medicare Pathology Collection Centres

Medicare expenditure accounts for about 85 per cent of the Australian pathology market. Margins had also been pressured by a rapid expansion of pathology collection centres by Healthscope and its.

Costs for all three listed pathology groups – Healthscope. Since deregulation on July 1, more than 514 new collection centres have sprung up, according to Medicare, a 20 per cent increase. It is.

Dr Gannon argued that rents for co-located collection centres had grown due to competition between pathology companies for market share. He said GP clinics were already grappling with the.

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The Rudd government said it will go ahead with plans to deregulate pathology collection services from July. to manage the government’s changes by signing leases at new collection centre sites in.

Health Minister Sussan Ley will not put a timeframe on reforms to rental arrangements for pathology collection centres despite the sector insisting. amid continuing controversy over the.

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Catholic not-for-profit providers who operate around 320 pathology collection centres and conduct millions of tests a. as a result of the governments freeze on Medicare rebates. Medical journal.

Since pathology collection centres were deregulated in 2010. the government would not announce any surprise measures while the federal review of the Medicare Benefits Schedule is under way.

THE head of Australia’s second-largest pathology firm has urged his employees to vote for the Coalition in a protest against what he says is the government’s erosion of the sector via cuts to Medicare.

Pathology in Australia is big business. One company draws an annual revenue of almost A$4 billion. And a proportion comes from the public purse, via Medicare rebates. high rents for blood and.

Since pathology collection centres were deregulated in 2010. the government would not announce any surprise measures while the federal review of the Medicare Benefits Schedule is under way.

However, he said, while there had been a recovery in October, costs were increasing for its pathology collection centres and the business was having to cope with surprise Medicare fee cuts. He said.

A major chain of medical clinics, Primary Health Care, fast-tracked new collection centres in anticipation. and help with administration of the new pathology ­regime. More tests and scans have also.

By any measure, the growth in productivity of Australian pathology has been spectacular. Rebates for pathology have, in real terms, fallen by about 60 per cent since Medicare began. is willing to.

So are collection centres that are paying higher rent to keep a. The government recognised that pathology was over-funded by Medicare and sought to rectify this by cutting the bulk-billing.

PATIENTS will have to pay up to $20 for a blood test after the government slashed $332 million in Medicare payments, the pathology industry claims. They will also have to drive further to find a blood.

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The case has coincided with a Medicare Australia investigation of similar accusations across the pathology sector. It also came as Healthscope, which is being acquired by private equity, had been.