What With Cern And The Illuminati

Frankly, they didn’t believe in the Illuminati. If this is your problem. a woman who lists “government surveillance” and “CERN” as some of her interests. Awake Dating may be her best chance at.

There are 133,305+ files on this web site. End of Deep State, Cabal Illuminati – peace American History learn fast – P osters. You Tube video presentations: (See main points to understand government & corporation deceptions.If link does not work, search for the title). L etters to architects legislators universities W.Va. newspapers indexes NASA

What’s more, a canister of potentially deadly anti-matter has been swiped from the CERN labs in Geneva, forcing Langdon to team up with Italian particle physicist Vittoria Vetra (Israeli actress.

In another clip Langdon puts it even more succinctly: “The Illuminati were a secret society. Brown depicts CERN scientists routinely petitioning the Vatican for.

suggestions that Illuminati and Satanists are conducting mock human sacrifices outside the Large Hadron Collider (built by CERN, the European Organization For Nuclear Research): Also, his response to.

CERN is colliding protons near the speed of light, 99.999% after accelerating. by the occultist Illuminati bankers, and incredible waste of human resources,

Feb 13, 2018. CERN scientists do groundbreaking work with its Large Hadron Collider. Stuff They Don't Want You To Know looks at the conspiracies behind.

If you've been living on planet Earth for the last little while, you'll know that the world is secretly controlled by the Illuminati – a shadowy clandestine group.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET ARE THE LEAST IMPORTANT PEOPLE, OR AT LEAST HOW THE MASS MEDIA PORTRAY THEM We all strive to better ourselves , in our lives and in our children’s lives, but that should NOT be at the expense of others.

Oct 19, 2017. Twenty years from that fateful call, Reptilian Illuminati are here to. by The European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN's Large.

Oct 16, 2016  · by Veritas | October 16, 2016 Starting with NESARA and my comments on safety. This is really the story of power and how it corrupts people, organizations and nations.

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And the priest at CERN will join the pontiff in the hereafter–minus an eyeball, though I trust he will be made whole–shortly, thus setting off the scavenger hunt narrative, such as it it. What of the.

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They believe the events will spark the emergence of the Illuminati-sponsored New World Order (NWO. Some have even predicted the events will be started by CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. One blogger,

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Every defenestrated celebrity can’t possibly have been tossed out the window by an Illuminati goon. Accidents still happen. Oppenheimer’s dark underpinnings betray his true mistress, CERN’s.

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Yes it is if you call any science foundations as Illuminati. CERN is the host of biggest particle physics experiment ever built by mankind. It hosts many other.

Sep 17, 2015. He introduced me to Dr Archana Sharma, a staff physicist at CERN. I wrote to her and. Secondly, that they had connections with the Illuminati.

The coming UFO and alien invasion of America. The New World Order is Satan’s one world government. Official home page for Sherry Shriner a Prophet, Watchman, and Sere.

Feb 20, 2017. CERN went on to build THREE even BIGGER colliders in 1976, 1989 and 2008. The last one being the CERN Large Hadron Collider (which is.

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Aug 24, 2015. You may have even heard that the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was. The Alpha sign is also present in most of the illuminati logos and.

One long-running conspiracy theory is that the LHC is a tool of the so-called illuminati – a secret global elite above world governments that are said to be involved in Satanism to bring about a ‘New.

The Pope is dead—possibly murdered—and just as the College of Cardinals is entering into seclusion to choose his successor, the Vatican gets a message intimating that an ancient society of.

Have you read Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons book or watched the movie, in which symbologist Robert Langdon tries to stop a legendary secret society Illuminati from destroying. Organization for.

Aug 17, 2016. The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) has launched an investigation into a video filmed at night on its Geneva campus.

It seems four cardinals have been kidnapped, and the ransom-type message includes an ambigram indicating the Illuminati – scientists. murdered working on a project with Zurer at Switzerland’s CERN.

Following the death of the old Pope, a clandestine, science-worshipping society – the Illuminati – have kidnapped four cardinals and planted a bomb in the Vatican City. That’s bad. Happily the.

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Oct 1, 2009. In Angels & Demons, scientists at CERN use the Large Hadron. when a secret scientific society known as the Illuminati steals the antimatter;.

Sep 7, 2016. The Large Hadron Collider is colder than outer space, 95% of the universe is unknown and other surprising facts about CERN's ambitious.

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The CERN ritual is a video that depicts an occult ritual occurring in the grounds of CERN, a European particle physics research organization. The video shows.

another threat emerges from the Illuminati. A canister containing a particle of “antimatter” has been stolen and the man who discovered the process, a priest-scientist, murdered. The particle is a.

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4 November 2015. Feedback: the Illuminati wizards of CERN. Feedback is our weekly column of bizarre stories, implausible advertising claims, confusing.

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When Langdon finds evidence that the Illuminati have stolen antimatter from a secret laboratory at CERN, which they plan to use as a devastating weapon to.

They believe the events will spark the emergence of the Illuminati-sponsored New World Order (NWO. Some have even predicted the events will be started by CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. One blogger,

(Photo: Tom Hanks, Ayelet Zurer and Ron Howard (L-R) at a photocall at CERN near Geneva, 12 Feb 2009/Valentin Flauraud. deciphering clues linked to a centuries-old secret society, the Illuminati.

You could mount a National Film Theatre season of trashy movies about troubles at the Vatican following the death of a pope: The Shoes of the Fisherman, Godfather Part III, Saving Grace, The Pope Must.

Scientists at CERN, the Geneva-based European Organization for Nuclear Research, announced in July that they had found something that looked like the Higgs boson, but they weren’t certain, and they.

In Brown-speak, Angels & Demons might be described this way: An American symbolist heads to Vatican City to find stolen CERN antimatter, save the preferiti from painful breast branding with the.

Scientists are only just beginning to comprehend the dramatic impact that magnetic fields have on our lives, and indeed all life on earth. And now, they fear that the poles are rapidly shifting, and could indeed flip in our lifetimes.A state of constant change, and the potential for drastic shifts, has made airline travel, communications, the electric, satellites and other infrastructure.

Supposedly an anti-Catholic cadre of hyper-influential people around the world (anyone who’s anyone has been accused of being part of the Illuminati on the internet. that comes under the microscope.

Other theories include its potential to pull an asteroid into the planet, and even that it is run by illuminati scientists, hell bent on opening a portal to bring the devil back to Earth. None of the.

Stunning footage reveals the moment the moon appears to SWALLOW Saturn before it re-emerges almost two hours later on March 29, 2019. A space phenomenon which saw the moon ‘swallow’ the gas giant Saturn has been captured in stunning footage.

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